The Be Nice to Snape Challenge

Have you hugged your Potions Master today?

Be Nice to Snape
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Greetings, friends of our long-suffering Potions Master! This is the place you thought you'd never see--an entire LJ community devoted exclusively to the pursuit of doing nice things for Severus Snape. (That's right, you have arrived at the only place on the Internet where we take seriously the idea that mixed roses, Snickerdoodles and obnoxious brightly colored mugs could compensate for fourteen years surrounded by dunderheads...to say nothing of the ravages of the Cruciatus Curse.)

Since the conclusion of the original Be Nice to Snape Challenge, the community has been transformed into a weekly challenge community. The rules for posting are as follows:

1. Each week, I'll post the name of a character or characters.

2. You, dear friends, write a story in which one or more of the characters named does something nice for Snape. As per the original challenge, it has to be something they are not obligated to do, and Snape has to appreciate it, whether or not he admits it.

(Note that submissions need not be limited to fluff--Snape wouldn't be Snape without angst in his life! But the niceness must be a major plot point.)

3. Fics should be a minimum of 100 words. Anything that runs over 200, please place behind a cut, and include the appropriate ratings, squick warnings, etc. as needed. [Crossovers will be tolerated, if they're clearly marked and not too silly. :) ] Fanart, icons, etc. will also be cheerfully accepted!

4. Community members have posting access, and may post their fics as separate entries. Please include a title in the Title field! LJ RSS feeds will not see your post otherwise! Non-members, with or without LJ's, are also welcome to post entries as Comments.

5. Members are not required to post to every (or any) challenge. Cross-posting is fine if our challenge happens to coincide with someone else's.

6. Each challenge will run for...er, well, no time limit really, but a new one will be posted every Monday. Feel free to kick me if I slack off. [grins]

7. Posting is not limited to challenges--all stories that fit the community criteria are welcome at any time. Just note whether it's a challenge post or not.

8. Questions and challenge suggestions are welcome--post them to the Comment Box, or to the Comments of any challenge post.

We have available several icons for those who'd like to show their support--feel free to swipe, but please credit, and either participate or promote the community if you do! (And no hotlinking, please.)